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Kangmei Shall Meet Different Kinds of Massage Tables You Need

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What is a massage  table?

Massage table also called facial bed, beauty bed, massage bed, spa table, facial chair and so on. Facial bed is a kind of furniture and equipment suitable for beauty salons, nail salons, hair salon, spa center, plastic surgery hospitals, star hotels and other places. Its unique structure design is helpful to the requirements of various angles and orientations of the body in the process of beauty and body beauty, and it is convenient for beauticians,massage therapists, tattoo artists, and aestheticians to perform corresponding operations. A massage table is more like an adjustable padded bench, designed to accommodate a client while he or she receives a massage, tattoo, or beauty treatment













According to the material of the products, normally, there are 3 different materials for facial bed structure: stainless steel, spraying iron, wood,acrylic, leather materials, it has synthetic leather like PU, PVC or genuine leather, for the foam, it has high density and high rebound Foam, or recycle foam.


We have one item in stainless steel frame, it is very suitable to use in high humidity place, near the sea, or the shop mainly do bath, back rub, spa center, stainless steel frame, even if there is a lot of water and humidity, it is not easy to rust.(NO.8223)

Compare to stainless steel frame, another frame is spraying iron frame, it is very popular and accepted by most of people, as this item, the price is so attractive and affordable by most of people,it is not easy to rust. Welding is very strong. Most of beauty salon will choose this item. 



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Wood massage bed, it is in high reliability and and make whole beauty salon looks high grade once display wood massage bed inside.The reason why the solid wood beauty bed is enduring, from the perspective of color analysis, lies in its natural wood essence,so Intermediate and senior spa center/clinic still love them,and most massage therapists choose wood frames for aesthetic reasons.

In here, i highly recommend 2 top sale wood massage beds from us.


One is manual wood massage bed,it made by rubber wood, which is enduring, the design is sturdy,use for massage, tattoo,Acupuncture,therapy, and the price is also acceptable in intermdediate and senior market, which is only usd165/pc. (NO.8215)


Another one is electric wood massage bed, our factory is factory direct sale, unlike other factories, we have our own workshop to do wood frame for massage bed, this electric wood massage bed is the new item, the wood painting workmanship is very fine, the loading-weight capacity is very high, more than 600LBS. This item control by hand remote control or foot pedal, easy and convenient for beautician to operate the bed, and make beautician and clients feel more comfort. The design is simple but do not loose elegant style, very suitable for high-end spa beauty, high star beauty clinic or spa center, star hotels.(NO.8842)

According to the functions of products, massage table can divide into electric beauty bed, traditional facial bed, foldable massage table.

Electric beauty bed: with the improvement of people's consumption level, the rise of beauty, health care and other industries, as well as the vigorous development of mid-to-high-end beauty chain stores, electric beauty beds are becoming more and more popular due to their comfort, functional diversity and convenience.

1. It is comfortable and delicate; 

2. It use high-density sponge, with moderate elasticity and feels comfortable;

3. Adjustment functions: height adjustment, backrest adjustment, legs adjustment,titling, you can use it in the office or with your family.

For beauty salon,most electric beauty bed will like below item:(M6001)

This item is modern style, and also our latest model now, it is a high-end electric facial bed,have very strong structural stability, its Purpose-built to get the most out of your workspace, It all depends on it being able to stretch 180 degrees, equipped with four adjustment motors for height, backrest, seat, and tilting, it had foot pedal, users can control all functions by their foot, instead of hand, properly free hands, as we know, sometimes technician working with essential oils or wax, if every time, when they need to adjust to electric beauty bed to make them easy to work and service, they will need to take off disposable gloves and wash their hand, then press hand remote control, it will need a lot of disposable gloves and water, which waist money and water. Does not fit the environmental theme of "conserving water", while foot pedal can help to solve this issues.


There is additional and new functions for this item, base set with LED light, to make whole beauty bed looks more nicer and brighter, LED light with pink, blue, white color for you to choose, and the most important, remote control equipped with one key reset function, greatly saves the user's time.

At last, M6001, The leather surface is made of high-quality PU leather, it is with strong breathability, very easy to clean, and matte acrylic material, resistant to dirt, easy to clean, not easy to damage and not easy to scratch, color is durable.

With so many functions and advantages. Of course, It can be used in many scenes, like high-end medical beauty, micro plastic surgery clinic, injection, high-end beauty, five-star hotel, hospital beauty department and other projects.

Traditional facial bed also called fumigation facial bed. At present, it is quite popular on the market, not only in beauty salons, but also in your own home. It stimulates your blood circulation and cell metabolism through warm heat, so it can achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue and tension, and can also detoxify Beauty, conditioning some diseases.

Foldable massage table, it is more suitable for freelancers, beauty training school, it is convenient for them work around as it light-weight and foldable.

Below foldable portable massage table is one of our top hot-sale item, it comes with carrying bag, it is foldable, and product weight is 32 LBS, which is convenient for technician to take it work around, no matter to learn facial, tattoo, body massage, eyeless or freelancers can do door to door services for their customers is easy, especially for female.


Different styles of beauty bed, their use scene will be a little different: beauty, facial, body, massage, nail, pedicure, hair salon, supermarket, high star hotel, high-end spa center/clinic, skin center.

There is one item from us very suitable for beauty, spa, body massage, eyelash, the item number is NO.8809, this item sell to Europe, USA market also, it is hotsale and popular. In Europe, most people very focus on eyelashes and skin care, and for this item, it is simple but generous, it is very in line aesthetic requirements of Europeans and Americans, many of our customers choose this electric eyelash bed to do eyelash, BB skin.


In addition, it equipped with 3 motors, backrest can be adjusted 25 degree, footrest can be curve about 15 degree, and whole bed can be up and down, but with the price is very very competitive and attractive, only usd475/pc, the dimension also fit for different customers’ stature, L195*W76*58-84CM, it is good enough to support customer and make them feel comfort and safe, and the eyelash bed is big enough for technicians to operate their jobs, height adjust up and down easy and by electric, can meet technicians’ requirement and let them feel easy to do their jobs.

8809 set with silent motor, 8000N super thrust, and also with CE certifications, it can suffer heavy weight, the weight capacity will be more than 250KGS.

The last point, and also the most important point, 8809, we have stock in white color, white and purple color, black color, which can do fast shipping.

In modern society, more and more people, especially professional women, they are too busy because of their daily jobs, and they always hope, they go into one shop, which can do beauty, spa, nail, pedicure, body massage, facial skin, eyelash, hair cut together, and relax in one place, no need to spend a lot of time to shop around. So now more and more beauty shops or centers or hotels, they do full one-stop service for their customers, once customers visit their shop, they can give all services for them and ask customer in their shop to consumption, that can reach to win-win results, customers save time and money, business men can make more money, and do more business.

And of course, for manufacturer,we also should do one item can meet business men requirement, here, there is one electric facial chair appeared just right and the timing was perfect. This product integrates the functions of traditional beauty bed, eyelashes, manicure, foot care, pedicure, beauty care, etc. It is an electric pedicure chair and bed specially designed to maximize the use of the work area. (NO.8835)


It is equipped with 2 motors, backrest and height adjustment by electric, legs can be divided to left and right by hand manual rod, it can be adjust to facial bed or facial chair, which is multifunctional, can meet the needs of different customers.

Above of all, Now more and more people focus on their wellness and beauty, so the wellness and beauty industry is more and more popular in the market, because electric massage table is easy to operate and adjust, help therapist save time, so electric massage table is more and more popular in the market.

Kangmei Offers A Wide Selection of Stationary, Hydraulic, Portable and Electric Massage Tables, Treatment and Spa Beds, Tattoo and Beauty Facial Chairs That Are Perfect for Your Spa or Salon. Your Clients Will Love and Appreciate the Comfort and Support That These Professional Beds Offer, and You'll Love Thoughtful Features Like Built-in Magnifying Lights. Along with Offering Top Quality Massage Tables and Facial Chairs, We Also Have the Best Price Available, Guaranteed. Find the Spa Beds You Need Today!

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