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White No Plumbing Pedicure Chairs in Store(8611)

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No plumbing /Portable pedicure chair

What’s a portable pedicure chair?

As we know, A pedicure chair is a type of seating primarily used in spas and nail salons that is specifically designed and engineered to facilitate foot care, allowing a technician to wash the feet, remove dead skin, and tend to nail care.

Do foot care it need water, so how will the water in and out for pedicure chair? we have pipeless jet pump pedicure chair which need to connect the pipe for water in and out. here what we like to introduce the one we call no plumbing pedicure chair - PLUMB-FREE!

No Plumbing Pedicure Chair is practical, comfortable. This spa pedicure chair is great for small spaces as the foot-bath can be tucked underneath the seat and serve double duty as a reception chair or dryer chair. The features of this chair is: soft PU leather, high density foam very comfortable, a reclining backrest with an adjustable/removable headrest, a removable sink and an adjustable footrest.


With removable sink , this is optional.

No Plumbing Required - No Installation Needed

Retractable Base that Completely Conceals Foot bath

Pull-out adjustable and lockable Leg Rest

Reclining Back with Adjustable/Removable Headrest

Works Well with any Spa Foot bath of your Choice


Inside Arms: 52cm

Outside Arms: 80cm

Height to Top of Armrest: 71.5cm

Total Height: 120cm

Foot base wide : 51cm

Foot base deep: 68cm

Footrest Height: Lowest - 40.5cm, Highest - 51.5cm

Warranty: 1 Year

This is portable and functional model, Many shop owner they want some pedicure chair which more easy to use and in more effective price .it can meet the requirement to do foot care. this model the foot bath can be separate sell, it can be move inside of the chair after finish the foot care, it will be useful for the shop which not big enough, very user-friendly design which can be save space, no plumbing required it means that no need to connect any pipe for water and fixed the sink, it is removable. when you need to do wash foot, fill in and out the water by hand, it’s very easy move as we design with pull-rod and wheels on the foot base.

Except the portable pedicure chair, our factory also do whirlpool pedicure chair, kid spa chair, Throne pedicure chair.