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Pipeless Jet Pump or Magnetic Jet Pump for Pedicure Chair?

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If you are the owner of a nail salon, you may know choose the right pedicure chair it is very important. It will amplify the comfort and effect of your massages, for your clients to reap the full health benefits of their sessions.If your pedicure chair is not comfortable, your customers will not enjoy getting services from you. A good pedicure chair except the best massage function for top chair, the basin pipeless jet function also same important.

pipeless jet

Pipeless Jet

magnetic jet

Magnetic Jet

What is the pipeless jet pump?

All modern pedicure chairs you'll buy these days are pipeless. Pipeless pedicure chairs not only make your task easier, safer, and more sanitary, they can save you time and money.

Pipeless jets are essentially little underwater fans. They sit on the bowl and create a massaging jet stream for your clients' feet. It has sole surfing. let your customer to enjoy the foot massage.

What is the magnetic jet pump?

A: Functionally, the magnetic jet pump it will be same as pipeless jet pump, to let the water turn around inside of the sink.

B: Magnetic jet pump why it call magnetic, that is the different from pipeless jet pump which over a shape, the wet part of the magnetic jet it can be take out. Now more and more shop owner they would like to use the spa liner (plastic bag). It will be more clean and sanitary for each customer when they do the foot massage.

How to use the jet after cover the spa liner? 

as the pump it have magnetic ,

step 1 : take out the wet part from the magnetic jet pump . 

Step 2: cover the spa liner on your glass sink / resin sink / Fiberglass sink . 

Step 3: connect back with the wet part  . the jet it will be work now .

At last ,we all know about the pipeless jet and magnetic jet pump . that is same function part ,it will be depend on your use . it is clearly depend on your use ,if you no need to use spa liner just keep the original pipeless jet pump . but if in your city the department of health have require to use the spa liner ,so you need to install magnetic pump for your pedi spa .

Here what we share is how to choose jet pump for your pedicure chair, you can click on our website: https://kangmeibeautyspa.en.alibaba.com to check more details . we have many kinds of pedicure chairs.

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