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Luxury Royal Queen Throne Pedicure Chairs Platform(Stations)

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High back throne pedicure chair


Our latest throne pedicure chair is the ultimate in pedicure pampering awaits your clients as they comfortably rest on our newest offering fit for a queen or a king.  After years of careful research, precise planning and expert development, we are proud to introduce you to the high back throne spa chair to elevate your nail salon or nail spa with sophisticated design touches yet still retaining the comfort and quality that Kangmei salon furniture is known for.

Provide the royal treatment to your salon clients with the Monarch. The generous 76inch tall high-back chair is soft in PU leather, stain-resistant and antimicrobial . An array of custom components such as an artisan crystal-glass basin and can be foot massage will immediately transport your clients to true bliss and relaxation.

Queen pedicure chair
King pedicure chair
monarch pedicure chair

Model: WS01

Material: PU leather + FRP + ( eco-friendly resin)

Chair Color: customized

Package size:


161*91*50cm (BASE)

Throne pedicure chair Dimensions

high back pedicure chair


1. High back throne pedicure spa chair.

2. Make of Velvet or Pu leather materials, it's up to you.

3. Color can be choose

4. a shower beside the basin to washing whirlpool jet system

5. hot&cold water inlet and out supplier using 0.5inch diameter fittings

6. Crystal glass basin with iridescent, “Mother of Pearl” finished surface. Basin is durable, thermal shock resistant, LED-lit, and compatible spa liners

7. All basin surfaces treated for acetone resistance

8. Footrest : 3 Height Adjustment

9. Discharge Pump (option available)

10. LED Light (7 Color Changing side of the sink ,bottom of the basin still have colorful led light )

11. 1-year limited warranty

Seat your clients in this regal pedicure chair with a resin bowl and options for discharge pump and air vent.

* Please note that because of different monitors, phones, lighting, and settings; product colors may look slightly different than what it looks like on your screen.

Lead Time: 60-90 Days

Minimum Order Quantity: 2

Discharge Pump

A discharge pump is necessary when drain water has to travel against gravity (for example, when a wall drain is located above where the drain water comes out of the pedicure basin). Check with your plumber before purchasing a pedicure chair to see if a discharge pump will be required.

Air Vent (For US customer)

The vents on the pedicure chairs must be connected to your building's exhaust or ventilation system. This will send the air outside the building and improve the air quality inside of your salon or spa. Check with your city building inspector or contractor to remain compliant and avoid penalties.

One shop service

One shop furniture in same style it will be looking good ,we are do the one shop service ,if you like the throne pedicure chair ,we have the same style table and stool for you to match . you can choose same color for table and stool .choose us it will be professional and more convenience.

pedicure chair set

Our Kangmei factory also do other kind style pedicure chair like pedicure massage chair ,portable pedicure chair ,kid spa chair ,if you want to know more details , please send inquiry to us