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Four Top Electric Massage Tables Recommendation for 2024

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In recent years, there has been a significant increase in awareness about health, particularly after enduring a prolonged period of epidemic. As people pay more attention to their well-being, there is also an incessant pursuit of beauty. Consequently, products and equipment that promote both health and beauty have gained immense popularity and are projected to be in high demand in the future.

spa & wellness tables

In the beauty furniture industry, naturally, the demand for beauty massage beds has also witnessed a gradual surge. Simultaneously, there is a growing desire to free ourselves from manual labor, enhance efficiency, and minimize human operation. Hence, "electric massage table" have emerged as the focal point of our deliberations.

Firstly, let us know “What’s the massage table?”

”An electric massage table is a specialized type of massage table that can be adjusted to accommodate various client positions and needs during a massage therapy session. These tables typically have electric motors that allow the therapist to control the height, tilt, and backrest with the push of a button. This can be extremely beneficial for therapists who see a variety of clients with different needs, as it allows them to quickly and easily adjust the table to each client's specific requirements. For example, electric massage tables make it easy to transition from a seated position to a prone position without manually adjusting the table – which can be difficult, especially if the client has an above-average weight.“

Now that you’re familiar with electric massage tables, let's take a look at Four Top Electric Massage Tables Recommendation for 2024

Normally, when we choose an electric massage table, we will consider many factors, such as durability, cost-effective, after-sales protection, etc., but I believe that for many customers, finding the most comfortable and suitable electric massage table is more important.

The first electric massage table recommendation, M6005, also be called more as a medical beauty . When your beauty salon or shop provides customers with multi-functional services, such as medical injections (microdermabrasion), facial beauty, tattooing, body beauty, etc., and you need the chair to be small in size, does not take up too much space, easy to clean, beautiful appearance, this chair is very recommendable, especially suitable for your needs!

This is electric beauty chair with many advantages.It equipped with 4 motors to easily adjust the backrest, legrest, overall height and tilt. The built-in foot control allows the technician to easily adjust the angle of the chair during work, giving customers the most comfortable experience. Especially its trendelenburg position angle (-15°) can be used for when customers in medical cosmetology may suffer from hypotension or shock during surgery, the blood in the head can be improved urgently, which expands the application scenarios of the electric beauty chair.

This electric beauty chair uses high-resilience thickened sponge, and the soft leather surface is filled with fluffy sponge which allows customers to feel comfortable on every inch of their skin; soft and breathable leather, anti-wrinkle and anti-wear, exquisitely pressed, beautiful and durable!

Its thick and breathable headrest, humanized design, removable, can be used according to the specific scene of the chair. The retractable and removable headrest and legrest can be adjusted according to the height of the customer, providing the customer more comfortable experience, and one-button adjustment is easy to control and can be adjusted at will with a single press, providing more convenient operation for the technicians ( One-button reset - backrest adjustment, lift adjustment, seat cushion adjustment, legrest adjustment) One-button reset – for customers quickly return to the out-of-bed position after treatment. What a convenient and efficient design!

Moreover, it is also equipped with a locking key to prevent technicians from accidentally touching the control keys during work and causing accidents, thus improving safety.

The second electric massage table/facial chair recommendation, M6007, this facial chair is also a very popular and functional model, and is highly recommended if you would like customers to get in and out of the chair more easily, and technicians to be able to more conveniently provide professional services to customers in multiple positions and angles.

M6007 electric beauty bed description

Compared with M6005, while retaining many advantages, this chair also has some features of its own.

The base design is different, M6005 is single aluminum alloy column, beautiful shape and bearing capacity is strong, up to 200kg; M6007 chair is solid metal frame and external acrylic cover design, the same bearing capacity, but the height of the adjustable range of greater, up to close to 1m, the adjustable range of 58 to 95cm, very suitable for some of the high customers and technicians to use, nice design!

What's even better is this chair adds the function of left and right rotation.It is designed with a handle of the base, after opening, the chair can be rotated 90 degrees to the left and right respectively. The technician can easily rotate the chair to the suitable position or angle according to the customer's needs and the actual operation, which is so convenient and quick!

The third electric massage table recommendation, M6504A, also be called more as wellness spa bed.If you are used for beauty or spa room is small, limited space, but providing customers with massage, body, spa and other services need to use a lot of beauty products, tools, equipment, etc., in addition to the electric massage table has a high-quality pursuit of comfort, high efficiency, stability and other performance, this electric massage table you can not miss it! It's customized for you!

This electric massage table is also equipped with 3 motors, which can quickly adjust the backrest, legs, overall height of the massage table, the whole process is silent; the base is solid wood painting and aluminum alloy column design, strong, stable and not shaking, high load-bearing capacity, up to 250kg, the internal drawer design, a large space for towel sterilizers, massage oil, beauty equipment and other products, practical and labor-saving, very suitable for small space of the beauty or spa room.

It used anti-scratch, anti-wrinkle high-grade polyurethane upholstery, comfortable and durable, easy to clean; sponge can also be selected according to the specific needs of the customer, soft latex foam, memory foam, or non-deformed high-density rebound foam, while the width of the table cushion can also be selected according to the size of the room and the feedback of the customers served! Suitable for 77cm, 85cm and 92cm, currently 85cm is the most customers choose;

Adjustable armrest with breathing hole that allow the customer to completely relax their neck and shoulder muscles,easy to do massage, facial and treatment for customers, also can be weld the logo in the side, outstanding feature! Also attached one-button adjustment which is easy to control and can be adjusted at will with a single press, providing more convenient operation for the technicians ( One-button reset - backrest adjustment, lift adjustment, seat cushion adjustment, legrest adjustment) One-button reset – for customers quickly return to the out-of-bed position after treatment. The back of the base is equipped with an on/off panel that allows the chair to be easily opened or closed with the push of a button, and is fitted with a built-in fuse for easy replacement and maintenance of the chair's performance.What a convenient and efficient design!

The last electric massage table recommendation, M6502WG, compared with M6504A, the design of this table from the visual looks more lightweight, the base retains the design of the aluminum alloy column, but canceled around the drawer, the bottom of the whole solid wood with painting, to ensure that the load-bearing capacity, but also to achieve practicality and durability, beautiful shape! It is a first choice for building a luxury beauty spa salon!

In terms of function this massage table is similar to M6504A, the difference is that this massage table is equipped with 4 motors, increasing the tilt function of the whole bed, Trendelenburg reclining angle (-15 °) to 0 ° of the adjustment, in treatments that require the tilt function, can make it more comfortable for the customers and easier for the technician to operate. In addition, in the remote control buttons, also increased the back and leg linkage control, more quickly and efficiently adjust the back, leg angle, improve the efficiency of the operation, the technician can serve more customers.

This electric massage table base eliminates the solid wood drawer cover, directly displaying the double aluminum alloy column support, some customers are very fond of this metal base texture massage table. It is also our first quarter of 2024 sales of explosive models, if you are entangled in the hesitation of more than one electric massage table style, then directly choose this one! Beautiful shape, easy to operate, durable, very worthy of you to try one!

As one of the leading factories in China for massage table industry, Kangmei also has strong advantage in product customization and after-sales service. The electric massage table supports customized heating, led light, memory function, foot control and leather color, sponge type, brand logo and so on, and any customer who cooperates with us can enjoy one year warranty after-sale. In addition, for brands and wholesalers who have more requirements for customized services, we can also provide OEM/ODM services, while ensuring the production capacity and quality you are pursuing.It is confidence from a top source factory!

We hope the four recommended electric massage tables can better help you find a table that most suits your needs. If you are looking forward to seeing more, please visit the Kangmei website or directly email us to get the latest version of the product electronic brochure!

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