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Choosing a Pedicure Spa Chair for Your Beauty Shop

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When buying a Pedicure Spa Chair, it is important to look for features that will allow you to maximize comfort. For example, some models include massage and reclining mechanisms, while others may include sliding seats. Aside from comfort, the chair should also be durable and come with a warranty.

Pedicure chairs come in several styles, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The most common style of Pedicure Chair is the piped-in type. This is a more hygienic option since it uses the building's plumbing system to supply water. But many salons do not clean their piping, which can cause bacteria to accumulate in the chair and spread infections to other customers.

Another type of pedicure chair is the pipeless one. This one only has a water bowl, which makes cleaning easier. The pipeless type of pedicure chair also has a smaller footprint, so it can be easily moved from one salon to another. In addition, these chairs are more environmentally friendly and meet building code requirements.

Old-fashioned pedicure chairs used pipes to shoot water from a bowl to the pedicurist. These chairs were difficult to clean and often required a long brush to reach the pipes. The pipes were also a microbial trap. Now, there are pipeless Pedicure Chairs. These chairs utilize little underwater fans to generate a jetstream that massages the feet of the client. The design also eliminates the bulky base around the bowl.

A pedicure chair is a type of seating designed to provide optimal foot care. It can be portable or stationary. Some models have a pedestal base. A smaller percentage of pedicure chairs are mobile and are used for mobile pedicures. These chairs offer various features and can be selected to suit the needs of the pedicure practitioner.

Ventilation is an important factor in choosing a pedicure chair. The ventilation feature can improve the air quality inside a nail salon and may help a nail salon meet state and city building codes. To use a ventilated pedicure chair, you need to connect the device to your building's ventilation system. The ventilation will move the air outside of the building, improving the air quality in your pedicure room.

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