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Pedicure Chair and Manicure Table Set - Kangmei

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A pedicure chair and manicure table set is a comprehensive nail care station designed to provide a complete and luxurious experience for clients in a salon or spa. This set combines the functionality of a comfortable pedicure chair with the convenience of a manicure table, offering a seamless and integrated solution for nail technicians. The pedicure chair and manicure table set is the epitome of convenience, comfort, and efficiency in the world of nail care.

Functionality of Pedicure Chair and Manicure Table Sets

  1. Comfortable Pedicure Chair: The pedicure chair included in the set is designed for ultimate client comfort. It features plush cushioning, adjustable seating positions, and a footrest to ensure a relaxed and pampering experience. The chair may have additional features such as built-in massage functions and heated seating, further enhancing client comfort and relaxation during pedicure treatments.

  2. Spacious Manicure Table: The manicure table in the set provides a generous workspace for nail technicians to perform manicure services efficiently. It is equipped with storage compartments and drawers to keep tools, supplies, and polishes organized and easily accessible. The table's design may incorporate adjustable lighting, integrated ventilation systems, and ergonomic considerations to promote a comfortable and well-equipped workspace.

  3. Seamless Integration: The pedicure chair and manicure table in the set are seamlessly integrated, allowing technicians to transition smoothly between pedicure and manicure services. The layout is designed to optimize workflow and minimize unnecessary movement for technicians. This integration ensures a cohesive and efficient nail care experience for both technicians and clients.

  4. Additional Features: Pedicure chair and manicure table sets may include additional features to enhance the overall nail care experience. These features may include built-in sinks for water treatments, whirlpool jets for foot spa sessions, and advanced nail drying systems. Some sets may also offer USB charging ports, integrated sound systems, or touchscreen controls for added convenience and entertainment.

Benefits of Pedicure Chair and Manicure Table Sets

  1. Streamlined Workflow: The integration of a pedicure chair and manicure table in one set streamlines the workflow for nail technicians. They can seamlessly move between pedicure and manicure services without the need for clients to change locations. The close proximity of the chair and table ensures efficient and coordinated treatments, saving time and effort for technicians.

  2. Enhanced Client Experience: Pedicure chair and manicure table sets elevate the client experience by providing a luxurious and all-encompassing nail care station. Clients can enjoy a comprehensive service that includes both pedicure and manicure treatments in one comfortable and well-equipped area. The seamless transition between services and the convenience of having everything in one place contribute to an exceptional client experience.

  3. Increased Efficiency: The combination of a pedicure chair and manicure table promotes increased efficiency in nail salons. Technicians can serve multiple clients simultaneously, maximizing productivity and reducing wait times. The organized storage compartments and integrated features facilitate a smooth workflow, allowing technicians to focus on delivering high-quality nail care services.

  4. Versatility and Space Optimization: Pedicure chair and manicure table sets are designed to optimize space utilization in salons. By combining two essential components into one set, salon owners can make the most of their available space without compromising functionality. The versatility of these sets allows salons to offer a variety of nail care services while maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing salon environment.

In conclusion, a pedicure chair and manicure table set combines comfort, functionality, and efficiency in one comprehensive nail care station. The integration of a comfortable pedicure chair, spacious manicure table, and additional features creates a luxurious and streamlined experience for both technicians and clients. The versatility and space optimization of these sets make them a valuable investment for salons looking to provide exceptional nail care services while maximizing their available space.

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Pedicure Chair Specifications:

1. Optional massage:The mechanism hand move up&dowm in backrest,equiped 6 functions as kneading, shiastu, knocking, steretching,flapping and vibration, can choose the six synchronously or any one to combine;  
2. Humanization design,position can be adjusted for kinds of people: The seat and the backrest can adjust by the electricity,7 inch move forward and move back.Chair can be recliner 130 degree;  
3. Intimate design:armrests can lift 90 degree,armest with a tray for laying something;  
4. 4 vibrator around seat, airbags built-in on seat cushion, three speedy can be adjusted by your choice: Gentle, Strong and Automatic;  
5. Automatic button, give you the quick way to enjoy the massage,time can be adjusted by your choice;  
6. Ultra Premium Leather Upholstery, not easy to be broken, normally can be used for 4-5 years,and anti-acetone, protected from the nail polish ect.

Basin Specification

1. Firberglass base, pipeless jet in the bowl massaging foot, Easy to clean.high quality resin bowl, passing the test of Corrosion,abir-acetone,the color do not fade.  
2. 7 colors led light changing one by one in water, making the water more beautiful.
3. footrest can be lifted up&down, must have a suitable position for dear you.
4. hot&cold water inlet and out supplier using 0.5inch diameter fittings basin capacity :5 U S gallons.
5. a shower beside the basin to washing whirlpool jet system.
6. one on and off air switch for whirlpool jet and jet light; one on and off air switch for drain pump (optional) .
7. can install magnetic pump.

Tips:If you do not have a floor drain , you need to install the draining pump to draw the water out.
If you want to use spa liner for the base, you can chose installing magnetic pump.

1.all genuine leather cover
2.all envionmental protection leather [PU] cover
Fiberglass+resin or glass
Sample color or optional
110V/220V/240V/according to customer's request
Product Size
1.standard export carton  
2.packing size: 100*80*60(chair part), 143*76*50(basin part)
Delivery Time




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