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Luxury Full Body Massage Pedicure Spa Chair - Kangmei

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Massage pedicure chairs have revolutionized the beauty and wellness industry, providing a luxurious and comfortable experience for both clients and professionals. These cutting-edge chairs are equipped with advanced features and functionalities that enhance the pedicure process, ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 

 Versatile Applications of Massage Pedicure Chairs

  1. Spa and Salon Settings: Massage pedicure chairs are a staple in spas and salons, offering a comprehensive solution for foot care treatments. These chairs are designed to accommodate various pedicure procedures, including cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing. They provide a comfortable seating arrangement for clients, allowing them to unwind and indulge in a pampering session. Professionals can efficiently perform pedicures while utilizing the chair's features to enhance the overall experience.

  2. Therapeutic Benefits: Massage pedicure chairs go beyond aesthetics by providing therapeutic benefits to clients. They often come with massage functions that utilize rollers and vibrations to stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. These therapeutic features promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance the overall well-being of individuals undergoing a pedicure treatment.

  3. Medical Facilities: Massage pedicure chairs find utility in medical facilities, such as podiatry clinics and rehabilitation centers. These chairs offer adjustable positions and settings to cater to the specific needs of patients. By providing a comfortable and ergonomic seating arrangement, massage pedicure chairs aid in medical examinations, foot treatments, and post-surgery care, ensuring optimal comfort and support during the process.

Functional Features of Massage Pedicure Chairs

  1. Electric Adjustability: The hallmark of massage pedicure chairs is their adjustable design, allowing professionals to tailor the chair's position according to the treatment requirements. The height, recline, and tilt of the chair can be easily modified to ensure maximum comfort for both clients and technicians. This flexibility enables precise and efficient pedicure procedures, minimizing strain and fatigue on the part of the professionals.

  2. Built-in Massage Systems: Many massage pedicure chairs are equipped with built-in massage systems that enhance the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of the treatment. These systems often include customizable massage programs, varying intensity levels, and targeted massage techniques. The combination of massage and pedicure procedures creates a blissful experience, promoting physical and mental well-being.

  3. Integrated Foot Baths: Massage pedicure chairs feature integrated foot baths, eliminating the need for separate tubs and reducing the mess associated with traditional pedicure setups. These foot baths are equipped with temperature control, whirlpool jets, and massaging capabilities, providing a soothing and hygienic environment for foot treatments. The convenience and cleanliness offered by integrated foot baths significantly enhance the overall pedicure experience.

  4. Enhanced Hygiene Standards: Massage pedicure chairs prioritize hygiene by incorporating antimicrobial materials and easy-to-clean surfaces. These chairs are designed to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for clients. Removable and disposable components, such as headrest covers and footrest liners, further contribute to maintaining high hygiene standards.

In conclusion, massage pedicure chairs have become an essential asset in the beauty and wellness industry, providing a luxurious and hygienic platform for foot care treatments. Their versatile applications in spas, salons, and medical facilities, along with their innovative features like adjustable positions, massage systems, integrated foot baths, and enhanced hygiene standards, have transformed the pedicure experience. 

luxury pedicure chair

Anti-hydrolysis PU or customize material
Various Colors Available
certificate of design patent
certificate of utility model patent
Suitable for Beauty Salons , Nail Salons,Foot massage shops

Features of Seat
1. High grade PU Leather ,Color optional,material optional.
2. U shape pillow and detachable cloak
3. Multifunction Shiatsu Massage for back and waist ; Airbags massage in ear/shoulder/arm/back Various, intensity-adjustable massage techniques
4. Wire remote control the backrest recline & incline,seat forward & backward
5. Adjustable armrest, can move forward & backward
6. Foldable manicure trays

Features of base
1. Fiberglass base
2. Crystal bowl /glass bowl/crystal glass bowl optional
3. Pipeless Jet System in the bowl for foot massage
4. Pull out shower spray attached on the basin to washing whirlpool jet system
, controllable shower head with 2 gear switch,can use according to your demands
5. One on and off air switch for whirlpool pipeless jet and 7 colors jet light
6. Fiberglass Footrest-height could adjust
7. Pre-installed with Essential Plumbing and Pipe Fittings – Ready to Connect to Water Supply
8.Customizable drainage system

If you do not have a floor drain , you need to install the drain pump to draw the water out.
if you wanna use liner,please contact sales ,we will upgrade into Magnetic Jet (need extra cost)
12 months
Lead time
15-30 days after receiving deposit better confirm with sales
Payment Terms
we accept 50% as deposit , balance paid before delivery.
(T/T, Western Union, Cash ,Alibaba payment)
We will show you finished production photos of your items before you pay balance

pedicure chair dimension

full body massage pedicure chair




massage chair with foot spa



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